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You don’t have to read today.  You are one click away from pure bliss. Our obscure youth- remembered. 

"Sure, we all know the movies that get locked up in the Disney vault like they’re each a Hope Diamond or something.  But what about the rest?  I started realizing, a majority of the animated films I liked in my youth were actually pretty scary… and definitely awesome."

Being Mrs. Jessica- The Wife Life’s Jessica Glassberg urges you to keep on dance. 

Have a listen.  And dance your way into a better Monday! 

And read the article here (if you like that sort of thing)

Jessica Glassberg of Say Something Funny Bitch’s ‘Being Mrs. Jessica- The Wife Life’ is CLASSY!  And like any classy lady- she is telling you she is classy.

Sit back, enjoy some organic wine (she certainly did) and listen to one of your favorite writers read her work for you! 

Your summer blockbusters reviewed and rated by the HILARIOUS Jessica Glassberg of Being Mrs Jessica: The Wife LIfe.

What did your favorite movie score!?!   Download, listen, repeat!

No time?  Not a reader?….LISTEN to  BEING MRS. JESSICA – THE WIFE LIFE: ‘SILVER SCREEN SUMMER’ by Jessica Glassberg!!!

Being Mrs Jessica: The Wife Life- ‘Nerdtastic’ by Jessica Glassberg

Being Mrs Jessica: The Wife Life ‘Chickening Out’ by Jessica Glassberg.

In honor of those that served and those that want to be served seconds.

Jessica Glasserg presents, Being Mrs. Jessica: The Wife Life: “Year One”

She made it! 

In the car?  Running the treadmill?  Changing diapers?  Changing LIVES!?!?!

LISTEN to Jessica Glassberg’s: Being Mrs. Jessica- The Wife Life ‘Tub of Terror’ as a convenient MP3!

Wow.  Your life is good. 

Jessica Glassberg’s anniversary has BIN infringed upon!  Listen now to- Being Mrs. Jessica:  The Wife Life

Boy have you hit the jack pot!  Listen to Jessica Glassberg describe her cousin’s wedding- people flying through the air, her dancing off her booty, and good times had by all!

Listen once, twice, three times a lady! 

LISTEN!  (Yeah- you read me right!) LISTEN to the incredibly hilarious, Jessica Glassberg tell her tall tale of marriage and sage advice.

Now she better- Say Something Funny….B*tch!

SSFB FANS!! Your dreams have come true! Your prayers have been answered!  Your favorite writers read their articles LIVE for your to download!  Hear their voices, be closer to the DREAM!!!

Put SSFB on while running, doing the dishes, picking out your date outfit or while running for office! 

Available soon on itunes, but now take a listen here, now! 

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