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"Real Housewives of The Celebrity Apprentice’s Mob Wives Go Jerseylicious " by Renee Gauthier

So I am taking requests on reality shows to review. I started with “Mob Wives”. I cannot get passed the transvestiteness of these ladies. All I can think while they are talking is….when do they get whacked? I mean this mob is a private don’t ask don’t tell kind of thing right? I can’t imagine the hubbies in jail are ok with a reality show that will quite possibly get their asses grasses when then get out. That being said. I am addicted.

Now, John Rich wins “Celebirty Apprentice”. Marlee Matlin looks like she not have heard it! Badbumbum (that was a drum) All I could concentrate on throughout the show was how they kept announcing a one time performance by Marlee Matlin and John Rich.  I know what you are thinking, what I was thinking…Marlee Matlin is gonna sing??? That should be …interesting. So whatever, John Rich wins….another Sunday night treasure ends.

Real Housewives of New Jersey was ridiculous. The Jersey girls are tearing it up. For those of you who don’t know the show. Get to know it. These Italians are killing me. The Fighting is sad and thrilling at the same time. PS: I am “team Theresa” and you should be too. Her sister in law gives me a headache.

Speaking of headaches in New Jersey…”jerseylicious” is a show about a salon with feuds, guidos and girls who tan so much they are losing brain cells. Jesus this one is a doozz. It reminds me of the town I grew up in in Chicago. It is giving me nightmares.

In short Audrinas mother is still drunk and praying. So that is super comforting.

Next on the list? “Pregnant In Heels”

OOOOH Housewives of OC… snoooooooozefest

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