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The Art of B*tching- ‘Justice’ by Rebekah Tripp

I know she’s blind…..but is she deaf and dumb as well??  I’m sure we all know the lack of justice to which I’m referring…the stupid Casey Anthony case.   I know every person, blogger, mom, aunt, Nancy Grace wanna-be, people at the grocery store are talking about it….well…I want my say too.  This is not the first time our justice system has failed….uhh…do you remember that little case involving my favorite breakfast juice…yea…O.J.  Big fat murder up in your face Justice…..what’d you do…set the sonofagun free. 

While listening to the radio yesterday, I heard it told (yep..I just said heard it told…like I was a 75 year old woman describing the dust bowl) that Juror number 3, spoke out and said that as they were turning in the verdict….of NOT GUILTY….they were crying because they knew it was wrong.  Are you sh*tting me…then fry the crazy, baby killing el diabla!!  Apparently, there was reasonable doubt that this maniacally self centered crazy bee-sting killed her child.  I mean, obviously the jury was preeettty sure…but, there was still a teensy weensy bit of uncertainty in itty bitty jury brains.  So much doubt, that it only really took them one day to deliberate!  Anthony’s defense attorney was so nimble with the law…oh…did I mention this was only his second real criminal case…oh…and that he was denied admission to the Florida bar for 8 years due to fact that he failed to pay child support to his ex-wife..oh…and that he’s an idiot…I’m sorry….what were we talking about…oh yes…the competency and morals of the lawyer!!!

Then…let us turn to the actual charges that Anthony was found guilty of… may be stunned…it’s a whopper…………….Misleading The Police.  Yep…she misled them alright.  She said she didn’t kill her daughter, when clearly…she did!!  She didn’t report that her daughter was missing for something like, 31 days!!  Are you kidding me??  Parents…back me up on this one…you contact the police if you don’t know where your kid is at for more than 20 minutes! Ridiculous!  Regardless of whether this evidence was circumstantial or not…this lady should have been punished by our court system.

Okay….I’m still fired up…but it’s time for me to wrap this up.  Let’s just recap.  Sh*tty jury, sh*tty attorney, woman that committed the most heinous crime; killing her child.  This woman, which, believe me…it kills me to share a gender with this bit of evil in a bad ponytail, she could be walking the streets in 9 days time.  If this is justice……I want no part of it.

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