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Listen to The Wife Life- Being Mrs. Jessica “Time Well Spent” by Jessica Glassberg before, during or after you are being fabulous.

BEING MRS. JESSICA – THE WIFE LIFE - “Time Well Spent?” by Jessica Glassberg

I know I should be writing this blog… I have a responsibility… I’ve made a commitment to the site, to my readers and to the other “bitches.”  And, well I guess, I actually am writing this blog as you are in fact reading this.  But I don’t know if my heart is in it.  I don’t know if my heart is really in the dining room, facing this laptop on which I write… my heart is really on the couch snuggling with XBF.  Okay, don’t be concerned, I’m not writing this from a bathtub filled with ice because my heart has been surgically removed and XBF is creepily cuddling with it in the living room.   I’m speaking figuratively… not literally.  I doubt that needed to be explained… but I don’t know who’s reading this… sometimes ya gotta spell it out.  I dunno. 

 Ya see,  for the first time in a long time, XBF  and I are actually home at the same time and I very much would like to spend time with him.  If I wasn’t typing this, we’d have a chance to talk… say things beyond, “Hey, have a good day, I love you,” while I nudge XBF as I head out to work before he awakes.  Or hearing XBF say, “I’m home, sweet dreams…” as he kisses me on the head at 2AM having just arrived home from work. 

Sure, presently we are in the same general area with the “Chopped: All Stars Tournament Grand Finale” on in the background.  Well, the background for me, the foreground for him.  We should be in the foreground for each other right now and… ya know what?  I gotta go spend time with  XBF…  Sorry readers, for tonight, “You’ve been chopped.”

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