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Beauty T.O: ‘The Emmys!’ by Maggy Keegan

The Emmys are this weekend!  I KNOW, can you stand it?!?!

Recap fashion and fabulous- dresses and gorgeousness galore!

Claire Danes?! by Maggy Keegan

Hello my little chickadees! How are you doing this week? Thinner? More gorgeous? Me either. Well, what are you going to do? Right? I mean I made New Year’s resolutions; it’s just I just can’t seem to find them.

I feel like I’ve been remiss in the awards ceremony fashion recap department, so with at least two ceremonies come and gone I finally put on my lady glasses, took to my computer and did a little lady research. And from what I can tell emerald green is back, sleeves are in and it seems like everyone went fabulously low cut at the SAG Awards (which I LOVE! Who doesn’t love a tasteful little cleave? Am I right?). I didn’t however see anything that super captured my fancy until this little number walked into my life:

CLAIRE DANES! Can you believe it? Why do I like this? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it’s different. It’s flowy. It has a belt. I can imagine it shorter with a little cowboy boots action in there (of which I am OBSESSED by the way). And then visions of her fashion history began to wash over me and I remembered this dress she wore last year:

CLAIRE DANES! I’m sorry, but have we met? Gorgeous! Am I right? And just when I thought she couldn’t do it again I found THIS dress from 2009:

CLAIRE DANES ladies and gentlemens! Can you stand it! That dress makes me want to find my new years resolutions and at least begin to think about what I want to do with 2011.

So as you can see, I once again got distracted from my research. Ah well Girls, we still have the Oscars; our very own lady Super Bowl. In the meantime, I’m off to break some rules and then feel somewhat guilty about it. Have a glorious week, wear a dress that makes you feel beautiful and remember, don’t let anyone hate on your fashion choices. Be Bold. Be loud. Be proud. And most importantly be a lady.

More Things That Are Pretty Download of the Week: Horn – Nick Drake

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