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Beauty T.O: ‘The Emmys!’ by Maggy Keegan

The Emmys are this weekend!  I KNOW, can you stand it?!?!

Recap fashion and fabulous- dresses and gorgeousness galore!

'Just Belt It Already!' by Maggy Keegan

Ladies! How ARE you this week? Thin, tan and fabulous? Or incredibly late for work because you’ve done three wardrobe re-thinks and you can’t find where you threw your keys last night? ME TOO. In addish, I am still incredibly full from the 4th of July barbeques this weekend. I mean, no matter my intentions, I still end up eating like I may never see food again. I bet it’s that hunter/gatherer in me preparing for battle. Or winter. Or some ladytime.

But let’s get serious and talk about shirt dresses. Remember Rachel McAdams in Midnight in Paris?

It was a veritable belted tunic parade. Amazing. Thought it couldn’t be topped. THEN I went to see Larry Crowne and oh my fell in love with dresses belts all over again for the first time in a new and exciting way. On shirt dresses. I know. Take a look:

Look at that belt. JUST look at it. Go on:

How great is that? So versatile. So very sassy summer lady-work wardrobe. Love it. Love you. Mean it. Ladies, I’m off to belt something and do some lunges. Have a glorious week, be well and remember don’t let anyone hate on your fashion choices. Be bold. Be loud. Be proud. And most importantly, be a lady.

Sassy Summer Download of the Week: Too Darn Hot – Ann Miller

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