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'Magic' by Maggy Keegan

Ladyfriends! How thin do you look this week? Seriously. Have you been doing that yoga where you sweat a lot? Well it shows. In a good way.

Speaking of sorcery, with the opening of the new Harry Potter film, I’ve been thinking a lot about magic and witches and fashion. I love a good magic trick, namely in the form of a good push-up bra or control-top pantyhose. I am a little afraid of spanks, mostly because I’m afraid that I’m going to get trapped in them, panic and have to cut them off my body a la the Jaws of Life. But with a little push and some lady help I can usually be convinced of most anything. Except for bicycles.  I’m sorry but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Back to fashion and witches, how great is this parade of Hermione Granger lady premiere dresses? I mean, excuse me but did I grow up to be divine? Answer: Yes. Proof? Below:

Def improvement over her predecessor:

I think the most fabulous thing we can learn from witches is that black is always a fabulous basic and there’s nothing like a pop of color:

Ladies, I’m off to walk out into the heat and pretend that counts as exercise. Have a glorious week, buy something magical for yourself and remember, don’t let anyone hate on your fashion choices. Be bold. Be loud. Be proud. And most importantly, be a lady.

Obvi Magical Download of the Week: Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra

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