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The Art of B*tching- ‘Healthcare’ by Rebekah Tripp

You heard me!  What’s up healthcare?  Why you be trippin?  Why are you such a pain in my damn *ss?  Why, even though I have perfectly good insurance, does it still cost an arm and a leg to go to the ER or the dentist?  Why are my doctors all up in my kool-aid if my payments are a little late? GAHHHHH!!!!   

So, this is something we’ve all talked about, heard about, debated and b*tched endlessly about.  Why, might I ask, has the healthcare system yet to change?  I know…my b*tchfest is going national today.  Usually it’s all about me and I realize that tending to a national issue/need may startle you in the way that coming home to a home cooked meal prepared by my husband would startle me. (HINT if you’re reading!)  Something needs to be said and my only hope is that, when Michelle Obama sits down at her computer in her favorite sleeveless tank shirt, showing off her Linda Hamilton arms, to read the Say Something Funny B*tch blog…she’ll see this article and pay attention!! 

Do you have insurance? No? A LOT of people in Los Angeles and more over, the country, don’t and I know a ton of people that have put their health on the back burner because of the cost.  Is that sh*t right? Nope.  Is it fair? Definitely nope!  So what do we do?  I’m all about approaching a problem with a solution but I’m stumped on this one folks.   Do you have any ideas?  It’s possible that you are more educated than I…in fact…not so much possible as probable.  So get out there…stir some sh*t up.  This is my Call to Arms day!!  If you have an idea on healthcare reform or you have several….call Obama…or your mom…or anybody that will listen. 

Bottom line: Everyone needs to go to the doctor.  We teach little dudes and dudettes the importance of preventative medicine (eating well, brushing your teeth, exercise, taking all your medicine) from an early age and then once they hit adulthood it’s all, ‘sorry sucka!! You’re sick? That sucks.  You’re an actor/musician/in your 30’s and don’t have insurance?  We’ll treat you, but you’ll be paying for it for the rest of your freakin life!!”  I’m over it guys.  I’m going to go into my living room with my cat, get out the ol white board and dry erase markers and brainstorm.  I suggest you do the same.

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