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We’re Having a Fundraiser! And we need YOU.

Mark your calendars, for at 8 pm, the eve of July 28th at 1744 N. Wilton Place will be a fundraiser of epic proportions! In fact, we want to make it even epic-er than ever, and to do that, we need your help!

Let us backtrack.  “Say Something Funny, Bitch” is a website that was started by Alisha Gaddis in 2010, to bring a group of strong, female voices to the online comedy community. Since then, SSFB has been bringing you articles that were funny, topical, touching, artistic and pictorial (yeah, photo essays, what of it?) and the site has been reposted by blogs like Comediva, Hello Giggles and some weird Australian pro-Paris Hilton pop culture blog.

Unfortunately, Tumblr is getting far too small to house our rapidly growing readership! What we are aspiring to do through this fundraiser is to build a brand new website so that we can keep bringing the world content that is brilliant, hilarious, brilliant, witty, awesome, innovative, feminist, brilliant and brilliant. 

We are looking to raise 800 dollars. That will be the TOTAL cost to build new and world-class website fit to house the musings of our writers: Alisha Gaddis, Bekah Tripp, Rebecca Leib, Laura Mannino, Jamie Brunton, Maggy Keegan, Kate Ruppert, Renee Gauthier, Jessica Glassberg and a plethora of other funny, rotating guest writers!  Please, if there is any service or object you could donate to our cause- anything from a coaching session to a haircut to a date to a drawing to your Beta copy of Tron to that gross wine your weird Uncle bought you for your birthday three years ago…we’d love to take it off your hands and put it in our raffle to hopefully help out our cause!

If you can’t totally no big deal.  In fact, we’re delighted you even read this far (really, we know how busy a handsome fellow or madam like you is!) Please come to the fundraiser, get the word out, or sit and reflect on the inherent irony of gleaning self-appreciation from a mass query (really, we’re just happy you’re reading).  If you do decide to donate a service or object and you have a business or want to advertise with us, we can put you on the poster and hand out cards at the event. Or pass this along to someone you think would be willing to help! Whatever it takes! 

If you can donate a service or object, contact

Did you kill a man and steal his saddle?

'First Fridays' by Laura Mannino

Happy 4th of July!  I’m sure you’re busy watching the Hot Dog Eating Contest and preparing for your own BBQ adventures so I’ll make the short and sweet!

If you’re in LA, join me this Friday, July 8 at 10:30 PM for First Fridays Comedy Variety Talk Show!   I will host and chat with comedians Paul Case, Liz Stewart, and Raj Desai.  We’ll also screen episodes of the Channel 101 breakout hit, The Parent Project and talk to its creator, Brett Weiner.  We’ll close out the show with singer/songwriter, Derek Carter.  Free beer and free parking provided and BYOB!  First Fridays takes place at Theatre Asylum, located at 6320 Santa Monica Blvd.  Tickets are $10 cash only at the door or you can purchase tickets in advance at LaughStub.

For photos and video, please like the First Fridays Facebook page and follow on Twitter, @firstfridayshow

For more info about other upcoming shows, check out my website!

B*tches Presenting Funny.

Ladies and gents!  Want some rainy day fun in Southern California?

Come out for the WORLD PREMIERE of Renee Gauthier: The Soundtrack!!/event.php?eid=146412658754678

You may have seen her on Chelsea Lately, Carson Daly, or on any of the top comedy stages across the nation!  But TONIGHT see her on Improv Olympic West’s stage for her debut solo show! 

"Picking her Soundtrack was easy.  Making her dreams come true was hard."

Laughing, dancing, and dreaming.

Written and Starring: Renee Gauthier

Directed by: Alisha Gaddis

Featuring: Mike Burns

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