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Your summer blockbusters reviewed and rated by the HILARIOUS Jessica Glassberg of Being Mrs Jessica: The Wife LIfe.

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Well the summer blockbusters are upon us.  Yes, I realize that the summer solstice does not occur until June 21st, however the summer blockbusters have already been coming to a theater near me.  And XBF and I do enjoy a good date night at the movies… yes, we’re THAT couple.  We have date nights.  And with the price of movies these days, we want the flick to be worth our time and our moola.

The summer blockbusters have already had their ups and downs… “Bridesmaids”… way up.   No, not just because I’m a woman… HOW DARE YOU!  It’s a hilarious movie that HAPPENS to have women starring in it.  I loved it!  XBF loved it!  And my parents loved it!  If “Bridesmaids” is a “Chick Flick” then in the world of broad generalizations EVERYONE loves it! 

“The Hangover,” however is DOWN.  I definitely enjoyed the first one… I suppose, though I am estrogen filled, I like, “GUY HUMOR.”  Trust me, girls get wasted and act like idiots just as much as guys do.  But The Hangover Part II… oy.  I didn’t mind that it had the exact same formula as the first one.  I didn’t object to any of the cringe worthy moments.  My biggest problem with it?  It just wasn’t funny.   

As a writer, yes, I can be a bit critical of a movie’s ability to have good dramatic writing.

However, when I see a comedy, I can overlook it if the story isn’t completely cohesive, I don’t even need the characters to be fully developed.  But I need, nay, I DEMAND that my comedies be funny. 

Probably the only other “blockbuster” I’ve seen so far, has been “Thor.”  And I Thor-oughly enjoyed it.  Thor-oughly… oh yes I did.  It was fun, action packed and entertaining.  Sure, maybe I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Thor due to “Adventures in Babysitting,” (you’d get that if you’d seen that Elisabeth Shue masterpiece) but “Thor” really was a great time at the movies. 

So, last night, XBF and I were faced with the question… what do we want to see?  Do we want to steer clear of the blockbusters completely and see “Beginners” or “Midnight in Paris?”  I definitely want to see both of these.  Ever since I saw the first preview for “Beginners,”  I may have said aloud in the theater, “That looks fantastic!”  Hmm, what to see… what to see?  It’s looking like we’re going to see “X-Men: First Class” next weekend, so that was out.  And I truly had no desire to see another poorly reviewed “Pirates of the Caribbean.” 

After deciding that we should see action packed films on the big screen and that we could wait on the more independent flicks, we decided to go with, “Super 8.”  And it was SUPER GREAT.  Heartwarming.  Check.  Great action.  Check.  Realistic special effects.  Check.  Funny.  Check.  Adorable teenage kid who made my heart melt.  Check check check. 

XBF and I enjoyed our home popped popcorn… (again, yes, we’re THAT couple)… and enjoyed a date night well spent.

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