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Renee Rants! Reality TV recap for B*tches.

Reality TV recap:  Fast, Furious and Funny.

Renee Gauthier went camping and all she could think about was ‘Glee Project,’ ‘Housewives’ and if her DVR was on the right setttings.

Reap the benefits!

"The Real Housewives of Jersey Shores” by Renee Gauthier

Oh people! The new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey” looks like its gonna be a trashy doozy. I have already watched the “Italian Christening Brawl” (my own title) 3 times. It is mesmerizing.

Oh boy! Ok- so Theresa, who looks like a gorilla, is married to her man gorilla Joe. New on the show we meet Theresa’s brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa. They are mini Theresa and Joe, and now they all hate each other. Theresa’s brother called her “garbage” at a frickin Christening!!!!!

Oh those Italian Catholics sure know how to shame Jesus.  

Speaking of Jesus, Alexis of “Real Housewives of Orange County” is coming out that she had an eating disorder. Oh! What a shocker. Almost as shocking as me eating another cheese dog today! Exactly what I am saying… no shock.

I am getting slightly tired of reality TV, wait… is that “Mob Wives”? I am back in love.

Also “Celebrity Apprentice” should change its name to “Meatloaf Cries” get it together man.

I am off to bed my friends. I am of course gonna fall asleep to “Say Yes To The Dress” while sobbing and living through other brides cuz I am not even close to “saying yes to dinner” 

Check out this highlight reel. 

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