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Say Something- ‘Hair Time! ’ by Maggy Keegan

LADYFRIENDS!! How ARE you this week?! Hot? Cold? Room Temperature? It is very hot here in Southern California and on top of that it’s humid, which is very unusual for this area from what I gather from my small talk/weather convos around the water cooler. And my hair is big. Just thought I’d share that. 

So of course the bigness of my hair combined with the hotness and humidity of the summer always make me want to cut my hair. I can’t help it. Cutting it seems like a natural lady solution versus waiting it out. Who waits it out? Gross. I’d rather take a look at fabulous lady haircuts. YOU TOO?! Alright, here we go: 

Reese in a fabulous wavy bob:

Ginnifer in an adorable flippy bob:

Another Jennifer in a sexy bob:

And the bob to end all bobs – Katie Holmes:

But lady secret time – I’ve always wanted a pixie cut. I KNOW. This will have to remain a dream deferred as I do not have the face shape for incredibly short haircuts. And I think you have to weigh about a hundred pounds to pull it off but here are my favs: 

Michelle Williams – she surprised us with this beauty!


Natalie Portman – adorable!

And the pixie haircut icon – Halle Berry

I think realistically this is as short as I can go without looking like a man:

Which now of course makes me want to cut my hair again.  

Ladies- I’m off to make some unfortunate food/life decisions. Have a glorious week, stay sleek and cool (or at least think sleek and cool) and remember don’t let anyone hate on your fashion choices. Be bold. Be loud. Be proud. And most importantly, be a lady. 

Sassy Lady Download of the Week: Sophisticated Lady – Sarah Vaughan 

Catch Say Something staff writers Maggy Keegan and Rebecca Leib share some stories in True Story at iO West tonight at 8 p.m. For more information click here:


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