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Comedian Laura Mannino watches the Royal Wedding. 

  “How Facebook Made Me a Lazy Piece of Sh*t”

Watch Laura Mannino and take notes.

Then read on:

'Laura Mannino Has Left The Bed' by Laura Mannino

I haven’t really been sleeping well lately. I had one sip of Diet Coke in the late afternoon about three weeks ago and I’ve been in an insomnia tailspin since.  If you’re also an anxious mess here’s “I can’t sleep-tivities.”

1-Count anything.  How many Real Housewives have singles? How many fights Ronnie and Sammi got into this season of Jersey Shore? How many people thought you were pregnant and offered their seats on the subway when you were 20 pounds fatter?

2-Declutter your food. Separate the subpar wrinkley blueberries from the good blueberries. 

3-Stare at your computer and think of blog posts.

4-See if Michael Jackson’s doctor has a Facebook page.  Maybe he was on to something.

5-Finally go through all those Crate and Barrel, Container Store and Victoria’s Secret catalogs and create a “Perfect Backyard Oasis with a Rotating Thong Closet” vision board.

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